Review: The Scarlet Thread

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July 26, 2016 by thequotedpage


The Scarlet Thread by D. S. Murphy

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

My Rating: 4 red hearts (with some caveats)


My name Kaidance Monroe, and sometimes when I touch people, I see how they die. After I saw my little brother’s death but failed to stop it, my parents abandoned me to a juvenile detention facility. I don’t let people touch me anymore. Not my fingertips, not my skin, not my heart. I make my own clothes by stitching together the donations we get; usually a bunch of crap that fits like a parachute. My sweater is a patchwork of different shades of inky, dark squares. I make plain gray skirts that hang to my knees, with cute or funny T-shirts sewed in. They clash ironically with my unsmiling face. My Allstar high-tops are black and frayed, like my soul.

I also wear a chunk of brightly colored legos around my neck. My little brother was working on it the day he died. The day I failed to save him. It’s unfinished, so I’ll never know what it was meant to be. Most days, I just try to get by. But then I got a visit from a cute guy, who tricked me into giving up my secrets. He said I was special. That he needed me. For a while, I believed him. But once I found out what I could really do, I learned everybody wanted the power I possessed. The power to destroy deities. To kill gods. To end the world… or to save it. My heart is torn, and those I loved most betrayed me. I’m trying so hard to do what’s right, but nobody can tell me what that is anymore, and the moral boundaries I’d always let define my life have been shattered. Whose rules should I obey now? Or do I have to make my own?

The Scarlet Thread is a dark fantasy for fans of Greek mythology and Gothic romance. Fans of Fallen and Percy Jackson will be captivated by this mashup of fallen angels and forgotten gods.

My Thoughts:

I stumbled across this book on Amazon and I picked it up because, A) it was free and B) the cover was really pretty and, as a cover designer, it totally drew me in! Not ashamed 🙂

Little did I know that “Part One” meant the first part of a full novel, rather than the first book in a series. If I’d realized that, I wouldn’t have read it. My normal attention to details were sorely lacking when I read the blurb for this, as it clearly states it is the first part of a novel. Oh well. Even though it abruptly stops in the middle of the story, leaving such a cliffhanger, it was a really good read.

Kaidance has a gift, or a curse. She’s lived most of her life in a juvenile detention center (who does that to their own child??) until the day, or night rather, she meets an attractive stranger. That’s when things get really weird. I won’t go into detail, I prefer subtle reviews that are more based on my feelings rather than the plot of the story. There’s Greek mythology…I love mythology, my favorite being Norse, and this was really well done in the book. And angels. I love angels, especially badass, unruly angels.

This book is very well written and I was immediatley drawn to Kaidance. She’s had a lot of heartache and darkness in her life, but she’s a survivor and she still has heart. I love that. I also love how protective she is of her two friends in the facility. I like her. A lot. I loved all of the mythology aspects, the warring factions, etc. The one complaint I had, other than it being the first part of a whole novel, was the lack of romance. It was sorely lacking in that department. But seeing as it’s basically the beginning of a novel, I guess that makes sense. There were inklings of a beginning romance, so my hope is there will be more of that in the next installment. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel anything for either of the perspective love interests, but again, I’m hoping I’ll get to know them better in part two. Fingers crossed.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good paranormal/mythology/fantasy/urban fantasy story with a tiny touch of romance (hopefully more in the future). Apparently, if you sign up for the authors newsletter (which I did), you’ll get the next installment for free when he’s finished writing it.



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